PowerBOX 3Px Stručný průvodce instalací

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Vydal: NETIO products a.s.

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3) not expose the device strong vibrations. Before using your product for the first time, please read this short guide avoid problems with incorrect installation use. For more information, please see the User's Manual available http://netio-products. 2) The device not rated for outdoor use. The NETIO PowerBOX 3Px electrical device. 8) not connect multiple devices series. 5) Protect the device from liquids and excessive temperatures. Mishandling may damage the device, void your warranty, result injury death. 6) Make sure the device does not fall. 7) Only electrical appliances approved for use with the electrical network may be connected the device.) that has JavaScript and Cookies support enabled. 10) The device completely switched off only when unplugged. . 11) the device malfunctions, disconnect from the electrical outlet and contact your vendor.3 Quick Installation Guide (QIG) Thank you for purchasing product NETIO products a. 4) Unauthorized modifications may damage the device cause fire.s. Minimum system requirements A device with Internet browser (Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Chrome etc.com. 13) not use the device appears mechanically damaged. 9) The cable plug must easily accessible. Please read carefully the following notice. Safety Notices 1) The manufacturer not liable for any damage caused incorrect use the device operating unsuitable environment. 14) Make sure that the input and output cables are rated for the respective current. 12) not cover the device