The Secure Edge Data Center

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Vydal: ABB s.r.o. Autor: HPE and ABB

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Together, are bringing new edge IT capability through the Secure Edge Data Center (SEDC), allowing standard be operated non-IT locations, including industrial environments: • Secure: IP55 rated • Scalable: with redundant and continuous power and cooling options for single- and dual-rack configurations • Smart: Factory integrated for quick installation • Economical: Based standard components Product overview Secure Edge Data Center The SEDC all-in-one industrial data center solution, customized for industrial IoT and digitization rollout harsh environments. • Secure digital processes—the SEDC is IP55 rated, protecting against humidity, dust, and dirt, thus avoiding the need for classical brick and mortar data rooms, and Working together. HPE and ABB The Secure Edge Data Center Product brochure . Once delivered on-site, can and running in less than one week. Developed ABB, HPE, and Rittal, simplifies the deployment IT solutions the edge: • Get started quickly—it preengineered and delivered factory-integrated and -tested solution, equipped with preconfigured HPE software-defined infrastructure and with comprehensive installation services package for a hassle‑free turnkey deployment. Accelerating style partnering Hewlett Packard Enterprise and ABB are collaborating fresh new way bring increased value the edge customers